Can I live in a Polar Lodge?

Yes, however our buildings are exempt from Building Regulation control as they are technically caravans.  They are instead built to British Standard BS:3632 for Residential Park Homes. This is an exacting specification, especially with regards to thermal efficiency, making our lodges suitable for year round use.

If required, we are able to offer bespoke Polar lodges which will comply with current Building Regulations.  This will involve design changes relating to accessibility issues and some structural alterations, at additional cost.

You also need to bear in mind that if your lodge is sited on a holiday park, then the park may have its own rules about how many months of the year you can live there.

Do I need planning permission to put a Polar lodge on my land?

 A Polar lodge can be sited anywhere where planning permission exists for a holiday caravan.

I have my own design ideas for the internal layout of a lodge.  Can you build to my requirements?

We actually prefer to build to your requirements.  Whether you have an initial idea or full plans, we will work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you want.  We have standard plans we can work to if you prefer, and these can be easily adjusted to your requirements, using our CAD software.

Do I have to buy the lodge fully fitted out?

To comply with BS:3632 we do have to ensure that the lodge has a fully operational kitchen and bathroom and electrics, but you can choose whether you want us to provide furniture and furnishings or whether you wish to source these yourself.

How are the lodges heated?

All of our lodges, unless requested otherwise, are fitted with domestic hot water central heating system, with combi boiler and radiators. We also offer the option of a multi zone underfloor heating system.

Does my lodge come with a warranty?

Yes it does - please see our Warranty Scheme section for further information.

Your prices are ex works.  How much will it cost to deliver and site my lodge?

The cost of delivery and siting depends upon how far you are from us in Pembrokeshire and your site access.  We will discuss this fully with you at the quotation stage, and help you find a suitable transport company.  If your lodge is going on to a holiday park then the park owner may organise the transport for you.

What services are needed for my lodge?

Your lodge needs to go on a suitable base, whether this be concrete pads or a full concrete base.  It will need to be connected to services such as water, foul drainage and electricity, by a qualified plumber and electrician.  If your lodge is going on to a holiday park then the park owner may well take care of this for you.

Can I buy a lodge directly from you?

If you are buying a lodge to go onto private land then you will buy directly from us.  If you are buying a lodge to go onto a park then you will buy through the park itself.