Why Choose Polar?

Our company started from very humble beginnings in 2010 making garden furniture in the back garden of a house in the Pembrokeshire village of Manorbier. Our strict ethos of sourcing the best materials, providing an unparalleled level of customer service and a flair for design has seen us grow rapidly. We have now moved factories four times in as many years and have just relocated to a new 25,000 sq.ft. production facility within the Haven Waterways Enterprise Zone in Pembroke Dock.

Our product line quickly expanded to include smaller garden buildings, such as summerhouses and garden offices, before progressing to lodges. This is now our core market and our aim is to establish our brand with the focus on quality, service and individuality. We have sold our products as far afield as France and Spain with units being transported within the UK as far north as Aberdeen and south to the Isle of Wight.

Living in Pembrokeshire it’s hard to make a journey by car without passing a caravan transporter or a park with many rows of magnolia clad holiday homes. Whilst there have obviously been technical enhancements, to the naked eye it would seem very little has changed in their design in the last twenty or so years. Stepping inside, the overwhelming feeling is one of a lack of quality. There is little rigidity in the floor, walls move and flex and rooms tend to be designed for maximum occupancy and minimum quality.

At Polar we have taken a different approach to reflect the changing needs of both holiday makers and park owners.  All of our lodges are manufactured in accordance with the residential British Standard BS 3632. This gives far greater levels of insulation, structural rigidity, safety and room size making them more efficient to run and a pleasure to own, 12 months a year.

There are many factors influencing what may be the largest investment you make after your own home. From location and outlook within the park, to your personal tastes and practical requirements. The potential combinations are virtually endless and however close we came, there was a feeling that there would always be something that was not quite right.

We therefore took the decision to distance ourselves from the mass produced side of the market and to design tailor made buildings to suit your needs and your budget. Your Polar lodge will be as individual as you are, built by us for you, with satisfaction guaranteed.


Polar Lodges..... luxury holiday lodge manufacturer....made in Wales and supplied across the UK.