New Polar Lodges underway

Polar Lodges is up and running with new timber lodge and static caravan orders.


Having rebranded as Polar Lodges, we ended June with a move into a new 25,000 sq ft factory which enables us to build 6 lodges simultaneously under one roof, and in the dry.  We are the only timber static caravan and holiday lodge manufacturer in Wales - interest in what we are doing has been helped by a recent article in the Western Telegraph, and our order books are full.  The photos below show the initial construction stages at chassis level of a new timber lodge.  Glulam beams are coupled with posi joists to enable services to be run within the chassis and be insulated, and therefore removing the problem of frozen pipes in the winter.

Posi Joist Chassis Timber Lodge Insulation Polar Lodges

The next stage is building up the walls:

Timber Lodge Manufacturer Timber Lodge Wales


All of our lodges and static caravans are built to the British Standard for Residential Park Homes BS:3632 - this means that they are suitable for living in for 12 months a year due to extensive insulation.  For more information on how we achieve this please click here.